Minister Walrond urges Cane Grove, Strathavon residents to apply for GOAL scholarships

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Hon. Oneidge Walrond has encouraged Cane Grove and Strathavon residents to seize the opportunity to obtain one of the Government’s 20,000 online scholarships, which can transform their lives.

In her address at the Cane Grove Primary School, she said the programme will allow individuals to upskill, and compete for jobs as Guyana’s economic development unfolds. Minister Walrond said the Government would be able to hire qualified persons right here, instead of sourcing skills from overseas. 

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Hon. Oneidge Walrond delivers her address at the Strathavon Primary School.

“Education is the key, the sole key to economic empowerment is how we come out of poverty. It increases our earning power; it increases our marketability wherever you are, and you will get a free scholarship from Guyana…

If you have to migrate, you go to another country, this scholarship will be something that you have that you will be able to get a better paying job…  when you arrive but I know that you would not because Guyana is the place to be.

The Minister emphasised that the scholarships programme not only caters for the young population, but the older folks as well.

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Hon. Oneidge Walrond engages these youth at Cane Grove.

“Don’t leave here without filling out the form. Tell your neighbours; tell your friends because it’s very easy and if you find that your academic qualifications don’t match the programme that you want to do, there are programmes offered to get yourselves qualified…

Our population must be the most coveted population to get in terms of the workforce.”

Pandit Nandalall (only name given) who attended the meeting to obtain information about the scholarships for his grandchildren agreed with the Minister’s views. He said the initiative is an opportunity for every Guyanese to develop themselves.

“I want everyone to come on board and take advantage of these scholarships because it will benefit them in the future since Guyana will soon reap from the oil and gas sector, and there will be many investors coming to this country and so we need people to fill those gaps,” he said.

Ms. Radha Kawlesar, a teacher of Strathavon Nursery School said, “this scholarship will help to improve my knowledge, which will help me to care more for the children in my community.”

Ms. Amanda Persaud

Like Ms. Kawlesar, Ms. Amanda Persaud is also a teacher who is attached to the Virginia Primary School. She said the scholarships programme is her chance to improve herself to better serve the nation’s future leaders.

“Some of the courses offered are very inclusive of education and I think that it will better me in my profession,” she said.

Mr. Fazal Khan told DPI that this programme spotlights the Government’s generosity towards the development of its people.  “Back in the day, we never had the opportunity to get such a programme. We had to find millions to do so and today, it is worth it all to see that our youths can benefit so much and when they have finished their studies.”

Mr. Fazal Khan

The scholarships programme is a collaboration between the Ministries of Education and Public Service, offering 104 programmes from six international universities from the certificate to PhD levels. The scholarships programme is being facilitated through the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL).

While some programmes do not require entry-level certificates, the GOAL scholarships also offer a Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme for persons interested in pursuing courses which require CSEC and other qualifications.

On the completion of their studies, the scholars will be required to perform community service to help build the nation.