Ministry of Education to manage teacher benefits

In response to complaints by teachers

The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Education had established a facility along with the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) to offer 50 scholarships and 100 duty-free concessions to the nation’s teachers. This program was intended to assist and further serve teachers and provide them with additional benefits as they continue to provide excellent service to the educational system.

The awarding of these benefits to teachers is presently managed by the GTU. However, the Ministry of Education continues to receive complaints and reports from serving teachers regarding how these benefits are allocated or not allocated.

Lately, the complaints have elevated from the mismanagement of the system by the Union to the benefits being used as weapons to threaten teachers to participate in activities organized by the GTU, failing which, members are informed openly and subtly that they will not be a recipient or continuing recipient of a scholarship nor of a duty-free concession. These reports have come from teachers who are duly qualified to receive these benefits. These reports cannot be ignored.

These benefits were meant to serve teachers. Not to attack them. Not to discriminate against them. The Government of Guyana is hereby reverting these two programs to the Ministry of Education. Hereon the Ministry of Education shall conduct and manage this program as obtains in other Government agencies with similar benefits

To be clear, these benefits will continue to be granted to teachers. Our teachers will still be able to access the scholarships and duty-free concessions at the stated amount per year. Our teachers will continue to benefit from these programs, thus realizing the true intent of the program, but in an organized, fair and transparent manner.


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