Ministry of Human Services distribute spectacles in Yupukari

The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security on Thursday, September 9, 2021, returned to Yupukari Village, Region Nine and distributed approximately sixty (60) spectacles.

The exercise was conducted by the Ministry of Human Services’ Difficult Circumstances Unit which delivered on its promise after conducting the initial eye testing last month. Eye care specialists from Optical Works were on hand to assist.

Head of the Difficult Circumstances Unit Mahendra Budhram presents this resident with her new pair of eyewear.

The Honorable Minister of Human Services, Dr. Vindhya Persaud was lauded by residents and Regional Chairman, Brian Allicock for fulfilling her pledge while remarking that residents are grateful for this gesture.

Allicock said, “The Ministry of Human Services, in this kind gesture, when the Minister visited the last time took eye examinations and the Ministry stuck to their word by supplying those glasses today. We are so happy and thankful to the Ministry for their kind gesture.”

A young student, Ciara Lewis described, “I was struggling very hard before I got these glasses, I never used to read in the light and every time I wake up, I used to struggle. I used to borrow my mother’s glasses every night and she wanted to use it. Now I am happy I got these glasses so I can get up and read anything.”

Technical Officer attached to the Ministry of Human Services and Head of the Difficult Circumstances Unit, Mahendra Budhram indicated that approximately 1500 spectacles have been distributed so far.

A young schoolgirl from Yupukari Village, Region Nine proudly displays her new eyeglasses.

Budhram told the recipients, “We want to do this because we realize your eyes are very important and those who would have done the test and require glasses, we gave you that so your lives can be easier and that is what the Ministry of Human Services is about, we want to ensure that your life is easier.”

Meanwhile, Rosita Roberts, a librarian in the Village voiced, “At first, I was struggling, I could barely see some letters but now I am happy these glasses will help me see because I do Reading for children so this will help me a lot.”

Community Health Worker, Janet Francis recalled that she is often attending workshops and would struggle to see what is on the board but now is happy to have these eyeglasses at zero cost to her.

Another resident, Clifton Laurinda highlighted that the eyeglasses fit him better than the pair he had before which was lent to a friend who never returned it. This time though, he pledged to value it and keep it safe.