MoM celebrates first anniversary with walk

─ Continues to positively impact lives

The Men on Mission (MoM) initiative, a brainchild of President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, which is aimed at imprinting on men the importance of responsibility and moulding them into role models, on Sunday celebrated its first anniversary with a walk.

Members of the disciplined services along with Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud, participated in the walk through the streets of Georgetown.

Commissioner of Police (ag) Clifton Hicken making a speech at GDF’s Base Camp Ayanganna after the walk

Following the walk, participants gathered at Base Camp Ayanganna, where Commissioner of Police (ag) Clifton Hicken expressed gratitude for being part of the movement which is positively impacting citizens.

“As we move forward, we must account for the changes and the impact we’ve made in society. This Men on a Mission movement is indeed picking up momentum…I think based on the turnout of this morning’s march, it speaks wonders. Wonders for the movement of the Men on a Mission, “he shared.

Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development Anand Persaud and Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Brigadier Omar Khan participating in the walk

Since its implementation, MoM has made tremendous progress in all 10 administrative regions by building new houses for those in need, providing counselling, mentorship, and a plethora of other programmes.

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff of the GDF, Brigadier Omar Khan said the initiative will help to foster the changes necessary among the nation’s men.  

“This mission is meant to continue because while we would have achieved significant successes this year, there is more to be done. As members of the joint service, we were already in that mode of being men with a mission to defend, protect, and promote peace in our society,” Brigadier Khan noted.

Members of the joint services walking through the streets of Georgetown to celebrate MoM’s first anniversary

He stressed that as time passes, it is anticipated that the initiative will become stronger and more impactful, as the joint services will be recruiting more men.

Similar activities were hosted by members of MoM in the other regions.

During MoM’s launch October last year, President Ali said the initiative aims to eradicate hunger, uplift men who are emotionally and socially affected, and to help them function effectively in every aspect of society.