MOM Region Four Committee hosts community meeting in South Vryheid’s Lust

Chairman of the Region Four Men on Mission Committee, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall, along with Regional Commander Division 4C, Assistant Commissioner Khali Pareshram and Resident of Vryheid’s Lust South, Major Dwayne Carter visited the Vryheid’s Lust South Community Centre, which is presently being upgraded, and conducted a community meeting with residents at the Vryheid’s Lust Community Centre, as part of a continued engagement with the community.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall addressing residents during the community meeting

About 100 residents were present and were briefed by the minister on the government’s plans for all communities across Guyana, both in the short and medium terms.

The following concerns were raised:

Regularisation and difficulties in the granting of transports.

  • The need for better drainage and irrigation within the community with concrete drains
  • The need for better road maintenance and paving of roads
  • Cleaning of the burial ground which is currently infested with bees
  • Removal of the house currently occupying space on the Community Centre Ground
  • Need for speed humps along the community roads
  • The establishing of a community library and IT hub
  • The identification of lands to be used for the grazing of cattle by farmers
  • Need for scholarships for youths in the community
  • The identifying and developing of a community development centre for youths in the community
  • The completion of the Community Centre Project

Minister Dharamlall assured them that he will work with other ministers, to ensure that their concerns are adequately addressed. Through his ministry, the minister pledged to have residents within the community given contracts for the cleaning and maintaining of roads and drains in the community.

The MOM Committee addressing residents of South Vryheid’s Lust

The minister also pledged to have 30 unemployed residents be given part- time employment through a government initiative, and to have the community ground’s development completed.

The situation and assistance to the farmers will be addressed by the Agriculture Ministry. It was also announced that in the coming week, engineers from his ministry will be visiting the community to assess the roads and drainage situation.

An update was given on the current situation of the work being done on the ground.

The residents expressed their satisfaction at the work done so far within the community and encouraged the minister to return.