MoPH assures of quality COVID-19 quarantine, isolation facilities

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Ministry of Public Health has assured that its quarantine and isolation facilities are of the required standard, meeting basic needs of those who may be housed there.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Karen Gordon Boyle sought to dispel fears some may have concerning the condition of the facilities.

She posited that this may be one of the primary reasons for persons not coming forward to be tested for the coronavirus disease.

“MoPH has established these facilities bearing in mind that you are away from home and so is trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible.” Dr. Gordon Boyle said.

Noting that housing at these facilities is free of cost the DCMO, outlined the conditions of these facilities.

    • Access to wifi and outdoor space to move around.
    • Three meals are provided daily prepared by a certified team of cooks
    • A full Medical team is on hand daily to monitor and give care to patients twice daily. These professionals also facilitate testing to further monitor those institutionalized with underlying medical conditions
    • Psychosocial support sessions
    • There are games, free internet connection and television. Telephone services to call family and friends

In the interest of maintaining the privacy of persons, the Public Health Ministry has also partnered with two hotels to provide individual rooms free of cost.

Persons in quarantine and isolation have access to all the amenities necessary but under the condition that they must remain in the facility, Dr. Gordon Boyle underscored.

Family members who wish to get packages to their loved ones in these institutions can leave these at the Civil Defense Commission. These will be delivered also free of cost. Items that can be sent to persons housed in these facilities do not include cooked food, alcohol and drugs.

The DCMO described quarantining as a selfless act of protecting oneself and loved ones from the spread of the virus. Therefore, persons who are subjected to quarantine must take this measure seriously and stay the designated period until tested and cleared to leave.