More Lindeners receiving technical BIT training

The government is continuing to advance the implementation of technical and vocational training programmes nationwide to close Guyana’s labour shortage.

These programmes are offered through the Ministry of Labour’s Board of Industrial Training (BIT) for Guyanese to be upskilled and employable while enhancing their livelihoods. 

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton interacting with a trainee

Similar initiatives will be carried out elsewhere in the nation, particularly in areas with a high need for training opportunities.

As such, more Lindeners are now benefitting from several technical programmes.

On Wednesday, Minister of Labour, Joseh Hamilton inspected ongoing training programmes being executed at Linden Technical Institute, Region Ten.

Participants, who shared their journeys thus far in the programme, revealed what they intend to do after graduation.

Participant, Renesha Naraine

19-year-old, Renesha Naraine is pursuing the heavy-duty and equipment operation programme as a result of her family’s background and business.

“I see it as a field that I should be able to go into and excel at, not only my brothers. But it will be nice for me in the future… We have a mining area. We also do lumber and poultry. So, the operation is one of our fields relating to machines and tractors concerning the lumber and lorries,” Naraine pointed out.

Upon completion of the programme, Naraine intends to look for better opportunities by furthering her studies and seeking employment.

Naraine highlighted that people should capitalize on the opportunities the country has to offer.

“Opportunities come and go. So, when you have it, grab it with all of your hands. A lot of persons would like to participate in this course and they aren’t getting the opportunity. This is my first time applying through and I am so lucky and thankful”, she noted.

Participant, Carlis Trim

Another youngster, 18-year-old, Carlis Trim, who previously completed the welding and fabrication programme, is now pursuing the heavy-duty and equipment operation course to enhance her skills more.

Trim eagerly described her experience in the course and further explained her plans after graduation, “you are getting to go out into the fields. You are getting to go on different kinds of machines to get familiar with the movements… After I receive the certification in this, I will go and look for a job following this field or the welding.”

Trim noted that persons should not be deterred from pursuing a course through BIT due to their educational level.

“Even if they don’t have an education, come into the board of industrial training and come into the programme. You will get a certificate and you can go ahead and pursue your dreams,” she added.

20-year-old, Anthony Johnson who described his journey as ‘great’, indicated that after graduation, “I will go and look for a job to motivate myself more and to keep my family proud and everyone else around me.”

Participant, Andrew Luke

Multi-skilled 43-year-old, Andrew Luke, who previously completed the Electrical Installation and Solar Photovoltaic Installation courses, has a registered construction company.

Luke who is now completing the heavy-duty equipment operation course said, “I had always wanted to do this course and this course was the most difficult course to do.”

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton speaking to trainees at Linden Technical Institute

Upon completion of the course, Luke stated that he will be better able to manage his business, “And I said to use this not really as a stepping stone but to develop myself more in the line of heavy-duty machinery.”

One of the pieces being completed by a trainee

Minister Hamilton also interacted with other trainees who are participating in Welding and Fabrication, Motor Vehicle Servicing and Repairs, and Joinery at the institution.  

Trainees in the welding and fabrication workshop

Based upon his observation, Minister Hamilton noted that he was pleased with the keen interest displayed by the participants.

One of the participants operating the machine

You have an enthusiastic bunch of people who want to learn and have an interest to succeed. And that at the end of the day, they are certified in several skills,” Minister Hamilton emphasised.