More maternal waiting homes slated for completion

The construction of more maternal waiting homes is on schedule, as efforts continue to significantly reduce Guyana’s maternal mortality rate, especially in the hinterland and urban communities.

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony said these interventions are necessary since the biggest challenge is  providing the appropriate care for mothers at the hospitals.

“One of the interventions that we are doing now, especially in the Interior communities is that next to the regional hospital…we are building the waiting homes… So, a waiting home is a place where a mother would come, and stay for a few days when she starts to go into labour, then we’ll transfer her from the waiting home over to the hospital, where she’ll be able to give  safely.”

Dr Anthony emphasised that this intervention will significantly decrease the  anxiety associated with maternal cases.

“We think with this type of intervention we will start seeing a drop in maternal mortality, especially in the interior location; so, we have a waiting home at Lethem and we are building some additional waiting homes in Region one, seven, eight and once these are completed and operational, I think we will definitely see a drop in maternal mortality,” he said. 

Addressing the pre-natal transportation initiative, the health minister said this will facilitate the referral of infants to another hospital if it becomes necessary.

“Then we will have to provide the specialised transport…. And procure this type of specialised transport and have it available… and this is something we are working on right now,” the health minister said.

The PPP/C government is working to  reduce maternal deaths and has been putting systems in place since 2020.