More plans for regional health system’s upgrade

Georgetown, GINA, June 20, 2016

A better quality of health care will soon become available to citizens through the implementation of several initiatives by the Ministry of Public Health’s Regional Health Services (RHS) Department.

RHS’ director, Dr. Kay Shako, in outlining the plans for the modernisation of the health sector, told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that, “The mandate of the Ministry of the Public Health through the RHS is to ensure that there is adequate and appropriate health care in the 10 administrative regions.”

The Bartica Regional Hospital

The Bartica Regional Hospital

As a result, the department identified a number of plans which will facilitate the upgrade. One of the major plans is to convert the Diamond Diagnostic Centre into a Regional health facility to accommodate the overflow of the number of patients that are referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

The Bartica Regional Hospital has been upgraded with the installation of a theatre with all the necessary equipment and specialists needed for small surgeries to be performed. This hospital is now considered to be in line with the GPHC and other regional hospitals.

Other regional hospitals  such as those in Lethem, Region Nine and Mabaruma, Region One still depend on outreaches, however Dr. Shako assured  that these hospitals would be brought up to standard, and will complement the entire health care system equitably.

The Linden Hospital Complex

The Linden Hospital Complex

Dr. Shako also stressed the need for collaborative efforts to be renewed and strengthened with the Department of Public Service, and the Ministry of Communities through the Regional Democratic Councils so as to address the issue of health workers’ shortage in the regions.

“The success of the health care system will not only be dependent on the Ministry of Public Health alone, but also the other agencies that we collaborate with. For example, we depend on the Department of Public Service to provide requisite training for our staff.”

The RHS, in collaboration with the department is currently involved in the placement of staff and a doctor at every health centre across the country. In addition, regional hospitals will also have highly trained and registered professionals who will maximise the provision of health care in the regions.

Dr. Shako also stated that policies are being formulated that will ensure shortcomings are addressed. These policies, she said, will govern all departments under the RHS.

The Mabaruma Regional Hospital

The Mabaruma Regional Hospital

The Ministry of Public Health through the RHS seeks to create equality in the public health care system by training staff attached to hinterland hospitals and clinics. Hinterland hospitals will also benefit from modern equipment upgrade.

Dr. Shako said that the department is working towards raising the level of health care and they are working towards their documented ‘Health Vision 2020’. This strategy sets out a long -term plan aimed at consolidating progress in the health sector, expanding universal healthcare and changing the culture of healthcare delivery over time.