Morning Glory Inc. – producing Made In Guyana certified cereals as a healthy breakfast option for Guyanese

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day and this adage holds true in particular for children whose bodies and minds rely heavily on a nutritious start. Among the myriad of breakfast options available, rice cereals stand out as a wholesome and essential choice for everyone.

In September 2023, Morning Glory Inc., a local company committed to ensuring Guyanese start their day with a nutritious meal, achieved the rights to use the Made in Guyana Standards Mark on its packaged rice cereals.

Management and Staff of Morning Glory Inc. pose with GNBS Made in Guyana Certificate and GNBS Made in Guyana Approved Rice Cereals

The cereal company was commissioned and became operational in 2017 in Anna Regina on the Essequibo Coast, before receiving funding by the Government of Guyana through an initiative led by His Excellency, President, Mohammed Irfaan Ali, during his tenure as Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, in 2014. Since late 2017, the company has seen its commitment to quality promoting its products.

According to Office Manager, Ms. Indrawattie Natram, Morning Glory Inc. has been a household name in Guyana for over five years. Ms. Natram added,

“Morning Glory products and processes were developed by the Institute of Applied Science and Technology and since then we have steadily increased our market share. Because Essequibo is a rice growing region, Morning Glory was established to add value to the commodity and the project itself aimed to create employment. Since 2017, we have produced cereal from a simple yet versatile grain to positively impact the local economy, while committing to Standards and Quality.”

Like any other company, over the year challenges were presented, the main one being the marketing of a product that most persons countrywide are not familiar with.

Ms. Natram admitted, “Guyana is not a cereal-eating society but once we commenced production, the demand grew. It was this demand that motivated us to expand our production line.”

On Tuesday, September 05, 2023, Morning Glory Inc. received a Permit to use the Made in Guyana Standard Mark on its Morning Glory Original (Ring Shaped) Molasses and its Rice Krunch/Jaggy the Jaguar Cereals, both 225 grams.

Asked what this certification means to the company, Ms. Natram relayed, “being Made in Guyana Certified means a lot to Morning Glory. With this certification, consumers will now be more aware that we conform to Standards and Quality. We at Morning Glory believe in Good Manufacturing Practices which align with the GNBS guidelines.”

Ms. Natram informed, the process of working with the GNBS Officers was seamless and transparent throughout, and she insisted on urging all local manufacturers to get on board with the GNBS to have their products Made in Guyana Certified. “The process was very smooth and the auditors were very cooperative and helpful from the get-go. At Morning Glory, we will strive to maintain and exceed the required practices. Having your products Made in Guyana Certified provides recognition and fosters competitiveness, it means your company concerned with Standards and Quality.”

With Morning Glory Inc. products already on shelves all around Guyana, the company is looking to expand its production line by introducing a breakfast, rice cereal bar soon. It is the goal of Morning Glory to increase sales both locally and internationally.

When purchasing cereals, especially for kids, taste is paramount since persons seek a cereal that appeals to their palates. Nutritional content plays a crucial role as well and with that in mind, over 90 percent of the raw materials used by Morning Glory Inc. are locally sourced, with the rice being supplied by a local supplier in Essequibo.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to producing delicious and nutritious cereals for all Guyanese, Morning Glory recently embarked on a School Feeding Programme for young students.  For this programme, the company is currently manufacturing coloured rice cereals in 225 grams and 45 grams, exclusively.

To access the Permit to use the Made in Guyana Standards Mark programme, contact the GNBS on telephone numbers: 219-0069, 219-0065, 2190062 or visit the GNBS website: to learn more.