Mr. Granger made an ‘unfortunate judgement call’

Min Teixeira

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Hon. Gail Teixeira said former President Mr. David Granger may have made an “unfortunate judgement call” when he declined the invitation by His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, to join in a meeting of former Presidents.

Mr. Granger was invited to the engagement on December 15, with Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, Mr. Donald Ramotar and Mr. Samuel Hinds, to discuss a range of issues for national development.

He however, declined the invitation.

Minister Teixeira, who was facilitating the meeting on behalf of President Ali, said the former Guyanese leader missed a golden opportunity.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Hon. Gail Teixeira

“One of the things that I think politicians have to know when there is an opportunity out there, and you go make a mistake and reject it, it is always a delicate balance. And that is why politics is such a fascinating field. It has to do with judgement calls that you make, and, I believe in this case, Mr. Granger has made a very unfortunate judgment call,” she told DPI on Friday.  

She noted though, that the door is still open as “we have not shut the door on Mr. Granger.”

Minister Teixeira said Mr. Granger should not feel “intimidated” by meeting the former Presidents.

“It was a meeting of former presidents and the present and he would not feel outnumbered. That was not the meeting of political parties, but of former Presidents – completely different dimensions. I hope that Mr. Granger in his quiet time will reflect and realise it’s time to get on board the Guyana ship and let’s look at the major issues of national concern for our country,” she said.

On Thursday, President Ali extended another invitation to the former Head of State to join discussions on areas that will see the country benefitting.

The first meeting on Tuesday discussed topical issues such as border security, sovereignty, the environment, including climate change, oil and gas with a focus on local content, enhancing national security and constitutional reform. Also on the agenda was electoral reform, national unity with a focus of reforming the Racial Hostility Act and finding ways to ensure good governance. President Ali had said the agenda was not fixed and Mr. Granger could bring his ideas to the table at the next meeting.