Music, PE for primary schools

DPI, GUYANA, Tuesday, May 22, 2018 

The Ministry of Education is seeking to introduce music and Physical Education as new subjects in primary schools and could move to employ music and specialists to teach the programmes.

Administrator (ag) of the Unit of Allied Arts Lorraine Barker-King.

During the weekly Education Sector Committee (ESC) meeting today, Administrator (ag) of the Unit of Allied Arts Lorraine Barker-King presented a “position paper” on the issue.

According to the Education Ministry, Barker King’s position is that the implementation of an expressive Arts programme will contribute to the integration of the curriculum and a balanced education for schools, countrywide.

Also, such an approach will provide the opportunity for learners to develop respect for authority, colleagues and skills in critical thinking, decision making and conflict resolution, Barker-King said.

She added the approach will reduce the ratio of male to female teachers in Primary Schools which currently stands at 1 to 7. The administrator noted that specialised teaching has become necessary due to large amounts of general content that primary school teachers are currently delivering in the classrooms.

Barker-King is of the view that the expressive arts are essential to the rounded development of pupils and it is imperative for these (Music and Physical Education) to be taught at a high level throughout the Primary Schools.


By: Alexis Rodney.