National Park Successfully Hosts Mash 2023

government agencies, private sector and other stakeholders played a vital role

The National Park Tarmac hosted this year’s Mashramani Float Parade, the first to be held after the end of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Despite the heavy rains, many persons braved the weather to support the cultural display in the Park.

In preparation for the hosting of the Mashramani activities, the Protected Areas Commission (PAC) worked assiduously with our partners to prepare the Tarmac and Stands to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our patrons. The works done included electrical, recapping parts of the tarmac, clearing of drains, removing garbage and debris, and general clean-up. Significantly, some sections of the Stands raised safety concerns upon further inspection, due to structural weakness and damage. These issues were addressed by the Commission through the demolition of the northern stands and reinforcement of the other stands. As such, the Commission hopes to garner support to replace the Northern Stands with an improved and modernized structure.

The PAC would like to thank all those who contributed to preparing for the event such as government agencies, the private sector and our partners and staff who worked assiduously to ensure that the National Park was kept up to standards to ensure the safety of our patrons and the successful hosting of Mash 2023. Further, the post-mash clean exercise within the Park was undertaken and completed with the expectation to continually host our patrons, fitness enthusiasts, and families who utilize the park facilities on a daily basis.

The management of the Protected Areas Commission will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure the National Park and its facilities are improved and upgraded for all Guyanese by enhancing green and environmentally friendly urban spaces. Members of the public and stakeholders interested in contributing to the development of the National Park and its facilities can contact the Protected Areas Commission via email at or telephone at 227-1888.