NDIA formulating plans ahead of May-June rainy season – Min. Mustapha

The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) has begun formulating a comprehensive strategy to ensure necessary preparations are made ahead of the May-June rainy season.  

Inspecting the Canal Number One pump station in Region Three Saturday last, Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha highlighted that the Hydrometeorological Department has predicted heavy rainfall during the period in some areas.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha during remarks at an inspection of Canal Number One pump station in Region Three

And because of this, the NDIA is tasked with advancing its efforts to respond more effectively.  

In light of the continuing infrastructure developments throughout the nation, the ministry will collaborate with other stakeholders to make sure the required steps are taken and that the main canals and drainage systems are cleared.

“We also have to look at some of the canals which would be narrower. We will have to put systems in place and work with the other stakeholders like the Ministry of Public Works,” he underlined.

The agriculture minister assured that an alternative drainage mechanism will be implemented to provide enhanced drainage and irrigation access in areas where drainage might be blocked.

“They [Ministry of Public Works] are now working with us to put systems in place to do an alternative drainage for the people in Ogle. Those are problems that come with developments. We will continue to put systems in place to deal with it,” he elaborated.

Meanwhile, residents, specifically farmers, are also urged to clear drains and other waterways to allow the free flow of water into the main canals, sluices, and pump stations, thereby mitigating flooding.

In anticipation of the May–June rainy season, stakeholders from a range of industries were provided with crucial resources and climatic data on Wednesday, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.