No endorsement given for increase in hire car fares in Berbice

The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce wishes to state that it has not endorsed an increase in fares for hire cars plying the New Amsterdam to Rose Hall route. The Ministry also wishes to stress that it has not been consulted by Berbice/Region 6 hire car drivers or any association, on the matter of an increase in fares.

The Ministry has noted the concerns expressed by drivers justifying the increase in fares. However, the Ministry is of the view that any change in the fare structure must be done after consultation with taxi drivers and commuters. Those discussions must take into consideration, the economic realities of all stakeholders.

As such, the Ministry has committed to engaging residents of the New Amsterdam to Rose Hall area and taxi drivers who ply that route to determine an amicable solution to the proposed fare increase and to determine a way forward. A team from the Department of Consumer Affairs has begun interactions with residents and will be meeting with taxi drivers and the taxi association to develop a plan of action based on consensus.

In the interim, the Ministry reiterates that no endorsement has been given for an increase in fares, and commuters are therefore advised to continue paying the original fare.