Notice to All Public Servants


 The Ministry of Finance notes the concern raised about the continued payment of salaries to public servants. We wish to categorically state that the salaries of public servants, and pensions, are guaranteed for the rest of the year. We urge you to reject any rumours to the contrary. Salaries and pensions will be paid as scheduled for 2020.

The Ministry is appalled at the insensitive and cowardly attempt by persons to incite public panic, at a time when we are grappling with national and global challenges. We urge that such persons be held accountable, and that they refrain from making incendiary and ill-informed statements. We invite you to seek out the Ministry with any questions that you may have, so that you can be appropriately informed.

The Ministry of Finance reminds all public servants that your health and wellbeing are priorities. And therefore, we appeal to you, to continue to observe all the relevant guidelines and instructions issued by the Department of Public Service, Heads of Agencies and the Ministry of Public Health.