Opening of the newly equipped and renovated office in Mabaruma

At a simple ceremony this week, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) handed over the newly equipped and renovated office and staff accommodation to the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) in Mabaruma, Region One.

The FAO is the implementing agency for the GLSC Sustainable Land Development and Management (SLDM) Project, which is funded by the Guyana Red Plus and Investment Fund (GRIF).

Mr. Enrique Monize, Commissioner of GLSC noted, “Ensuring the sub-regional offices are fully equipped to serve the people is our priority. Under the SLDM project, we were able to advance our technology in surveying and land management and provide scholarships and training at the University of Guyana and at the Government Technical Institute. For the first time, under this project, a diploma in Land Valuation was added to the University of Guyana curriculum.” Mr. Monize also noted that staff in the regions of Indigenous origin were provided with training and scholarship and have excelled. Five of our Regional Heads come from Indigenous background and are now leading the offices in their respective regions.

Mr. Brentnol Ashley, Chairman of Region One welcomes the upgraded office and accommodation for the staff and the region. He noted, “This is what development is about, having good infrastructure, facilities, and services in the region to meet the needs of the people.”

Dr. Gillian Smith, FAO Representative said that the project partnership has been very successful, “the project is partnering with GLSC to improve the accommodation of the regional offices so that staff can be more comfortable to expand and execute their work in the region. A better working environment means better results and better service to the public.”

Rehabilitation is also being done for GLSC offices in Black Bush Polder–Region Six (6), Bartica–Region Seven (7), and in Region One (1), at Port Kaituma. These upgrades are being done to meet the increasing demand for decentralized land administration services in the region.

Adding to the improved infrastructure are technical and capacity development for staff. Several scholarship programmes and technical training are being done simultaneously to upgrade skills to meet the technological advancement introduced to better manage and develop lands in Guyana. Training programmes include Land Valuation, Land Administration and Management, UAV/Drone, Lease Management and LIDAR, and geospatial data analysis. These are all areas that will increase the effectiveness of GLSC’s operations and services being provided to the public.

New Land administration, surveying, and information and communication technology equipment have been procured for the offices, as well as pickups, boats, and ATVs to support the work in the regions.