Over 1000 Covid-19 boosters administered so far – Health Minister

The Covid-19 booster programme has picked up after one week, with more than 1000 persons already coming forward to receive the doses.  

Speaking during the COVID-19 update on Monday, Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, MP, said the programme has been received favourably by adults.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, MP

“Currently, we have 1,085 persons who took the boosters. We have in Region One zero so far, nobody has come forward to get the booster shot. In Region Two, we have four persons who came forward; Region Three, 77; Region Four, 739; Region Five, 22; Region Six, 173; Region Seven, 12; Region Eight, one; Region Nine, 57, and Region Ten, zero.”

Though persons in Regions One and Ten have not yet come forward for the shot, Minister Anthony said he is optimistic that the programme will gather more traction over the next few weeks.

Booster doses are currently available at all of the Ministry of Health’s vaccination sites countrywide.

This individual takes her booster dose

“I’m optimistic that all persons 50 years and older, would certainly come out and get their booster shot, once it is more than six months out of the second dose. And for those persons who are on the frontline, they need to get their boosters because of the risk of getting COVID-19 infection.”

Booster shots are available for all persons 50 years and above. Government has also made provisions to vaccinate persons 18 years and older with a booster dose if they have comorbidities, as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The Minister of Health had previously noted, on many occasions, that the Covid-19 vaccines are designed to limit the chances of persons contracting the severe form of the disease, which oftentimes lead to death.