Over 30 per cent decrease in traffic accidents, deaths – Traffic Chief

Guyana has seen a 32 per cent reduction in road accidents and deaths so far for 2021, Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent, Ramesh Ashram has revealed.

From 2020 to date, the country has recorded 102 accidents with 111 deaths. For the same period this year, there were 69 accidents with 74 deaths.

“So, in accidents we have a 32 per cent decrease and 33 per cent decrease in deaths,” the Traffic Chief stated.

Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Ramesh Ashram

He is urging road users to report persons who breach the traffic laws. He said most times, especially in public transportation, persons sit silently as drivers break multiple traffic laws.

Superintendent Ashram said if persons are uncomfortable going to the police station, they could make a complaint or send photos and videos to the traffic department’s WhatsApp number 620-6713.

He said persons would make complaints against errant drivers via virtual programmes but would not give an actual statement to the police. In most instances, he said the persons making the report would refuse to testify in court.

“Remember we cannot prosecute a person if the person making the complaint does not give a statement,” he said.

The traffic chief noted that the Closed-Circuit Television cameras are playing a major role in curbing traffic offences.

“I can tell you that the CCTV (are) helping us a lot because we solve a lot of traffic offences with that on a daily basis. As long as it pops up on the phone or the CCTV centre and we get it, we get the driver and 90 out of 100 they do not dispute it because when you show them, they realise its them,” he disclosed.

Superintendent Ashram is also appealing to pedestrians to obey the traffic laws. This includes observing the curb drill and using pedestrian crossings.

The Traffic Chief said if road users obey the traffic laws, there would be a reduction in traffic lawlessness.