“Participate in the management of your communities”– Min. Felix

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, November 17, 2019

Minister of Citizenship, Hon. Winston Felix has said the government has noted that some Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) are failing to serve their residents as they should. He made this observation during a community meeting with residents of CV Nunes, Essequibo.

Reminding of the “massive debt and instability inherited” by the Coalition Government, he said, it will take time to “clean up”. Minister Felix said changes and improvements are occurring because of His Excellency, President David Granger’s firm belief, “that everyone is entitled to a better life.”

The minister explained that this is not achieved by “a speech or click of the finger, but rather an accumulation of efforts by the government to improve the services, it offers.”

He added that several things have to be done to make citizens’ experiences more comfortable. One of these, he noted, was the return of constitutional Local Government Elections which is key to ensuring better self-governance and control; as opposed to the implementation of Interim management Committees (IMCs) favoured by the previous administration.

“We want you to take part in the management of your own communities,” the minister underscored.

Appreciative residents were encouraged to go out and vote since it was their democratic right.

“If you do not go out and vote… you might get someone as the head of your NDC, who may not be working in your interest, as we have seen… The fact that your none-vote reduced the numbers, you may not get the leadership you want. When elections come around, go and vote!”

The minister met the CV Nunes residents during an interactive session on November 16. The meeting is one of several hosted by government ministers across Essequibo. Issues raised by residents, some of which stretched back to 2012 included land/ house lot purchasing challenges, persons rearing animals without permission next to homes, the need to reorganise the vendors on the Anna Regina market road and equitable distribution of streetlights. Whilst some of the issues were advised upon, on the spot, others will be forwarded to the relevant officials for redress.