President Ali announces $25,000 one-off bonus for public servants, disciplined services, pensioners

Public servants, teachers, members of the disciplined services, staff of semi-autonomous agencies and public enterprises will receive a $25,000 one-off bonus payable in December 2023.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali made the announcement Thursday during a live broadcast, noting that the effort will see some 67,000 workers nationwide benefitting at a cost of $1.7 billion.

old-age pensioners to get $25,000 one-off bonus in December

“These adjustments will benefit workers including Policemen and women, prison officers, soldiers, nurses, and doctors, as would also benefit employees of public enterprises including GUYSUCO, GPL, and NIS,” the president stated.

Another $1.8 billion will be exhausted to ensure over 72,000 old-age pensioners get a $25,000 one-off bonus payable in December 2023.

Members of the disciplined services will receive a $25,000 one-off bonus in December

One-off bonus for persons living with disabilities

President Ali disclosed that some 19,000 persons living with disabilities registered with and receiving public assistance will benefit from a $35,000 one-time bonus payable in December 2023. The move will see a total of $660 million being expended.

“These one-off bonus payments will benefit almost 160,000 persons and increase their disposable incomes by over $4.1 billion,” President Ali explained.

Support for farmers 

Additionally, the president said his government will be allocating $850 million for the purchase of fertiliser for distribution to farmers.

This support will benefit 287,000 acres of cultivation and 35,000 farmers, ensuring increased food production and containment of cost.

Support for CIIP Workers

Further, under the Community Infrastructure Improvement Project (CIIP), Community Enhancement workers’ monthly earnings would be adjusted upwards to $40,000, effective December 1.

Over 2,000 workers will profit from the intervention, placing an additional $130 million in disposable income in their hands annually.

The president stated that the increase represents a further installment of his government’s unwavering commitment to improving the working conditions of our employees in the public sector, support to the vulnerable segment of the population, and assistance to farmers.