Rapid developments underway in Region Nine

─ Expansion in Infrastructure, Health, Education, Housing developments

Thousands of residents in Region Nine (Upper Essequibo/ Upper Takatu) are set to improve their socio-economic status as major investments in the region unfold. 

Since the assumption of office on August 2, 2020, the PPP/C-led government invested significantly in infrastructural, health, education, and housing developments to improve the lives of residents there.

This was revealed during a recent interview with the Regional Chairman, Bryan Allicock.

“The kind of development that is taking place through-out the region is quite vast and we ought to thank the government for what they are doing and the initiatives that [are] being put forward within the region,” he said.

Regional Chairman, Bryan Allicock


The chairman noted that several streets within the township are expected to be completed by the end of this year.

He further explained, “we are interlinking the other communities within the Region, very long distances, over 100 miles in some areas so we are working towards that so that we have the connectivity to each community.”

Also, a number of schools have been constructed, refurbished, and furnished within the region. Allicock explained that investment in the schools will reduce overcrowding thus creating a more conducive better-learning environment.

A view of the Tiger Pond-Pai Pang Primary Annex that was commissioned last year

Meanwhile, health huts have also been refurbished as well as new ones are being constructed to ensure medical services are available readily to persons living in far-flung communities.  

Further, the chairman explained that an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has also been constructed in the compound of the Lethem Regional Hospital as part of the PPP/C government’s commitment to improve and modernize facilities across Guyana.

Some of the nurses being trained in the Region

The region will commence furnishing and installing the necessary equipment as well as staffing the facility.

“We are looking at more expansion of the health facilities, we’re looking at North to have it move from a health center to a cottage hospital because that area is the first major health facility that gonna be there in events of accidents,” he pointed out.

Additionally, rehabilitative works are being undertaken at the maternity and surgical theatre at the Aishalton District Hospital.

Other areas of development include the construction of sports facilities and expansion of the housing programme.

Allicock said the government has allocated more funds to continue and expand the housing project. While the intention is to distribute 2, 000 house lots, the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) has already allotted over 500 house lots in the Region.

He explained that infrastructure works such as the building of roads, drains and installation of electricity poles among other amenities have already commenced.

Part of the Lethem to Annai Road

Meanwhile, the PPP/C government has not only focused on infrastructural developments but also on improving the skills and knowledge of residents in the region.

Allicock further said,

“we’ve trained 66 health workers for this year and we’re training assistant nurses and we’re bringing aboard all assistant pharmacists.”

Also, through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) a number of citizens have already been trained in various skills-set to improve their lives as well as stimulate economic growth. Further, this year, 155 residents of the region are slated to be trained through BIT’s 2022 training programmes.