Reg. 6 work programme moving apace

— REO aims for 100% completion by year-end

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region 6 East Berbice-Corentyne has completed 47% of its work programme so far. It is optimistic 100% completion will be achieved by year-end.

Coming out of a 99.9% rate completion of its 2018 capital budget and 99% of its current work programme, the region is poised to follow suit by December of this year.

Regional Executive Officer (REO), Kim Williams-Stephen told the Department of Public Information (DPI) recently that the region’s work plan is moving ahead steadily.

Regional Executive Officer (REO) of the East Berbice-Corentyne Region, Kim Williams-Stephen

The region’s capital budget for 2019 stands at $744M. To date, 47% of the expenditure has been spent. But according to Stephen, that does not mean that monies have not been committed.

The REO said East Berbice-Corentyne remains committed to providing the essential services to five sectors. They include administration, agriculture, education, health and public works.

Under the administration’s project, $14M was budgeted for the extension of the region’s administrative building in Vryman’s Erven New Amsterdam. Stephens said the administration believes in its human resources and wants persons employed to be in a safe and comfortable environment.

Under public works, the REO revealed that $114M was made available for drainage and irrigation systems within the region. With Region 6 being a cash crop and rice-producing region, Stephen said irrigation is of utmost importance. The region facilitated the rehabilitation of a sluice at Nigg Village on the Corentyne for $11M. There was a mechanical cleaning of the Number 66 Moleson Creek while bridges were constructed at Black Bush Polder on the Corentyne, the REO revealed.

“Let me just emphasise here, the works are not limited to a central area, it covers the entire East Berbice region from the upper Corentyne and as far as Mara on the East Bank of Berbice,” she told DPI.

The region has a budgetary allocation of $173M for road works.

Work has already been carried out on the Kildonan Community Health Centre road at $8M. The rehabilitation of Sukhu Street in Number 2 Village East Canje at $20M is being heralded as a great accomplishment for the region as well as a $22M upgrade of Cross Street at Number 51 village. The Fyrish/Gibraltar road also saw a $6M rehabilitation.

In the Angoy’s Avenue in New Amsterdam, the REO noted that roads and bridges were also constructed.

According to Stephen, one of the aims of the regional administration is ensuring that everyone has access to quality, efficient health care and education services.

From an $87M allocation to the education sector, several extensions were carried out at numerous schools in the region. Work is currently ongoing at the Leeds and Kildonan Primaries, both schools on the Corentyne costing $12M each. Monies were also allocated for the extension of the Technical drawing room at the Department of Education, Region 6 at $14M.

The REO reiterated that monies are committed to quite a few projects which will see a 100% expending of its budgetary allocation by the end of this year.

“In a nutshell, the region is poised to complete its programme in its entirety for 2019. We do have the capacity,” she affirmed.