Region 10 will never be forgotten

-assures Director of Business and Entrepreneurship

Director of Business and Entrepreneurship within the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, John Edghill, has given the assurance that the Government will support businesses in Linden. The director was speaking on behalf of Minister, Hon. Oneidge Walrond, during the launch of the ‘Ready Set Grow’ consultancy at the Watooka House in Linden on Friday.

Mr. Edghill told Lindeners that the ministry wants to ensure businesses are viable and can create jobs. The director explained that this is part of a more comprehensive plan by the ministry to improve the readiness, capacity, and viability of small and micro-enterprises.

“We have plans to help people all across Guyana, and Region 10 will never be forgotten,” the director told the audience. He added that all of the sub-agencies and departments of the ministry would continue to engage businesses and residents of Region 10 to provide the necessary support.

Mr. Edghill pointed out that ventures such as the Ready Set Grow business exemplify the type of interventions businesses need—which is to seek wise counsel. “I am confident that we will see more viable, big businesses coming out of Region 10 through these ventures,” he added. The director noted that the ministry intends to collaborate with agencies that provide business support to ensure the most productive and beneficial outcome for small businesses across Guyana.

Meanwhile, CEO, Sancha Halley, said the business is premised on three main pillars: business building, leadership development, and personal development. The consultancy, she explained, focuses on training, coaching, speaking, and training.  Halley emphasised that it is vital for businesses in Linden to collaborate and invest in each other’s businesses if they are to advance.

Earlier this month, the ministry trained over 200 small businesses in Region 10, in the development of business plans and ideas, the application process, and marketing. The training was a fulfilment of the commitment made by the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Hon. Oneidge Walrond and Senior Minister of Finance in the Office of the President, Hon. Dr. Ashni Singh, to residents in January. The objective of that training was to improve the ability of small business owners to garner grant and loan financing. During that training, businesses were also reminded that the Government recently raised the ceiling for the Business grants from $200,000 to $500,000 but these can only be accessed by clients of the Small Business Bureau.