Region Nine farmers to adopt advanced farming techniques from Brazil

─ following recent farmers-to-farmers meeting in Jabuti

Agriculture in Region Nine is being advanced as the region’s farmers are on the verge of utilising new farming techniques from neighbouring Brazil.

The techniques were shared during a recent farmers-to-farmers engagement in Jabuti, Roraima, Brazil.

Regional Chairman of Region Nine, Bryan Allicock, Representative from NAREI and farmers at the engagement in Brazil

Farmers from the villages of Kumu, Moco Moco, Quarrie and St. Ignatius spoke about their plans to practice similar techniques.

According to Cyril King, who is a small-scale farmer in Lethem, his region practices similar farming techniques but Brazil’s is more advanced. However, he foresees the country reaching that level shortly.

Meanwhile, another farmer from Moco Moco, Ben Smith applauded the initiative between the two countries.

Knowledge being shared with Guyanese farmers about the operation of farming equipment and machinery in Brazil

“I see the experience as being really beneficial because what I see, is that their technique of using the planter to plant so many lands is good for the people and the farmers, and it’s really quick,” Smith reported.  

The young man noted that with the government aggressively fostering agriculture in the country, he predicts that there will soon be much more technological equipment similar to Brazil.

Further, with a flourishing corn and soya bean farm in Region Nine, knowledge of additional techniques is necessary.

Framers from Brazil and Guyana during the engagement

According to another farmer, Vivian Xavier, he learnt indepth about the planting of the two products.

“When it comes to planting corn, I learnt how to properly put the fertiliser, and when to put it,” he noted.

Regional Chairman, Bryan Allicock, and Consulate General of Guyana in Boa Vista Brazil, Rodger King, as well as a representative of the National Agriculture and Research Extension Institute (NAREI) were also present.

The government has been making strides in purchasing a number of farming equipment for its people, in keeping with its food security goal.