Region Two 2017 spending approved

GINA, GUYANA, Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Budget for the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region, (Region Two) for 2017 was this morning passed in the House. A provision of $3.599Billion was approved to improve the coverage, quality and timeliness in the delivery of regional administration, agriculture, public works, education and public services in the region.

The allocation will be spent on the following:

Ministry of Communities Ronald Bulkan and PS Emilie McGarrel defending the 2017 budgetary expenditure for the Ministry

  • Regional Administration-$200.331M
  • Agriculture-$373.184M
  • Public Works-$186.604M
  • Education Delivery-$1.894B
  • Health Service-$944.550M

Among the projects that will be executed are:


  • There will be construction of revetments of Huis’t Dieren and Rivertown, and an irrigation check at Better Success, and culvert at Hampton Court.
  • Construction and rehabilitation of gates at Airy Hall, Spring Garden and Warousie will be undertaken.
  • Tail wall at Good Intent and the koker at Charity will be rehabilitated.
  • Bridges at Golden Fleece and Queenstown will be built while bridges in Anna Regina will be rehabilitated.

Public Works:

  • Roads in Good Hope, Johanna Cecelia, Perseverance, David Scheme and Better Success will be rehabilitated


  • The Liberty Primary School will be built, as well as living quarters at Hackney Primary School
  • The Charity Secondary, Suddie Primary Annex and Good Hope, Fisher and Kabakaburi Primary Schools will be extended.
  • A landing at Jacklow Primary School will be built

Health Services:

  • The Accident and Emergency Unit at Charity and maternity waiting home at Suddie will be completed
  • Incinerator to be constructed at Suddie and Charity hospitals
  • Suddie and Charity hospitals to be rehabilitated
  • Oxygen supply banks will be provided at Kabakburi, Wakapoa, Karawab and Akawini health centres

Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan defended the region’s allocation with support from Permanent Secretary (PS) Emile McGarrel and Region Two’s Regional Executive Officer (REO) Rupert Hopkinson. The Minister mostly fielded questions from Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) Collin Croal, Ganga Persaud, Pauline Sukhai and Cornel Damon.

Minister Bulkan, in addition to committing to laying over the specific expenditure for a number of the projects that will be funded under the region’s 2017 allocation, also sought to give explanations, details and circumstances of a number of allocations.

The Minister explained that a provision of in excess of $6Million covers the procurement at $2.674Million each of two boats and engine for the RDC to better service residents in the region.

Minister Bulkan also explained an allocation of $19.9Million that caters for the maintenance of roads in the region. He explained that this will cover rehabilitating in crusher run- 24km of roads in locations such as Somerset and Berks and Dartmouth. A further 32km of roads will be brought to DBST standards in locations starting from Anna Regina and  stretching to  Supenaam, the Minister said.

Minister Bulkan also explained that a provision of $10.370M provides for the maintenance of bridges at Cottonfield, Anna Regina and Kabakaburi in the Pomeroon River.

Minister Bulkan was also called upon to explain the provision of $1.2Million for drugs under the education allocation. He explained that these cover the procurement of basic medicines such as plasters, Andrews and Vicks for the first aid kits of the various schools in the region.

He also explained that $12.5Million, listed as provision for printed and non-printed materials, also falls under the region’s education programme. He said that the allocation covers the printing of materials associated with the Caribbean Secondary Education Council and the National Grade Six Examinations.

Meanwhile, Minister Bulkan also explained that a provision of $7M for National and other events covers the region’s student participation in national events such as the Children’s Mashramani Competition, the Regional Science Fair, Independence Anniversary and the National Day of Sports among others.

Whilst not covered under the region’s 2017 allocation, the construction of a primary school may be covered under the Ministry of Education Budget, Minister Bulkan said, in response to an inquiry from MP Croal.


By: Macalia Santos