Regions five and six funeral services enhanced with donation of two buses

The provision of transportation for funeral services by government is now enhanced with the donation of two buses to the Ministry of Health.

The donation was made Wednesday by the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana to the Ministry of Health.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony said the two buses will be stationed at the New Amsterdam Hospital to serve Regions Five and Six.

Minister Anthony said the donation is welcomed and adds to government’s investment in the construction of a new mortuary in Region Six, which will be opened soon.

“As a prelude to opening that facility, we know that a lot of people would have challenges in getting one of their dead relatives from wherever they died and to the mortuary, or from the mortuary to take them back home or cemetery… so, what we are trying to do here is to provide such a service and we are very thankful that CIOG would have organised these three donors” the minister said.

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony

Minister Anthony said he is confident that the people of Regions Five and Six will be receiving a more efficient service through the collaboration with CIOG which will be managing the two vehicles. The minister said more such collaborations are needed to reach those who do not have readily accessible healthcare services.

“We need to continue this because there are a lot of underserved areas in Guyana, where people still do not get readily access to healthcare services, and we want to ensure that everyone can have that access. So, I would want to urge you that during this year, we continue this very strong collaboration that we have had over the last year or so, and that we meet more people and we are able to bring more care and relief to them,” the health minister noted.

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony receiving the keys to the buses

CIOG acting President Gulzar Namdar said the CIOG will continue to work along with government to provide healthcare services to Guyanese.

“We know that we have a very successful story with the funeral service in Georgetown. Everyone we take care of, the less fortunate who do not have no one, we actually bury them free of cost and we are actually spreading out now to Berbice area which is a long awaiting service to be done… we will definitely take care of the Berbice area. It is long overdue I want to thank all the donors and those who have been associated with this project,” Namdar stated. The donation was sponsored by Caricom Auto Sales, A. Ally and Sons and Mohamed’s Enterprise.