Replacement costs for damaged ICT infrastructure to be borne by those culpable

─Persons to face charges for damage to Safe Country assets

In its efforts to safeguard the ICT assets of the state, the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) has taken the position that individuals involved in the accidental or deliberate damage of state-owned ICT infrastructure will be held responsible for the full cost of replacement and repairs.

The Authority has noted a rise in vehicular accidents resulting in significant damage to poles and ICT equipment used as part of the Safe Country Project. Over the past four months, multiple Safe Country Systems have suffered damage in Regions Three and Four.

Damaged equipment in Region 4

Investigations conducted by the Guyana Police Force have led to the identification of the individuals responsible. These individuals will now face charges as prescribed by the Laws of Guyana. In addition, the individuals who accidentally or intentionally damage these assets will be obligated to stand the costs associated with their repair or replacement.

Damaged system in Region 3

To avoid these consequences, road users are reminded to “Respect the Road.”  As the Guyana Police Force continuously reiterates, “Road Safety is everyone’s business.”  So let us work together to ensure safety on our roadways by practising the five C’s – care, caution, consideration, common sense, and courtesy.