Scholarships for several programmes available at Guyana School of Agriculture

The government has opened scholarships at the Guyana School of Agriculture for persons who wish to pursue their academic studies.

The diplomas in Agriculture, Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health are for the years 2023 to 2024.

Youths of the Guyana School of Agriculture

These two scholarships will enable persons to acquire knowledge in various careers such as extension officer, agronomist and others.

Additionally, employment is guaranteed since the country’s agriculture sector is vastly developing and there is a demand in the industry.

Agriculture is a crucial economic booster for a country, and so with intelligent graduates in this industry, it will add to Guyana’s evolvement.

Over 1,000 persons have since benefitted from scholarships in this sector, contributing to the nation’s advancement.

Further, to be eligible for the scholarships, persons must first gain admission to the Guyana School of Agriculture, while current students must have passes in all completed courses.

They must also have a valid Guyana passport.

The closing date for applications is August 20, 2023.