Security Services reform coming. Min. Winston Felix.

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday February 5, 2020

Guyana’s Security Services will see a complete overhaul; police, prison and fire. According to the Minister of Citizenship, the Hon. Winston Felix, this forms a major part of the coalition government’s plan for development, once returned to office after the March 2 Regional and General Elections.

Minister Felix told an energetic crowd at the Diamond Tarmac, in the Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, that as part of the security reform plan, there will be among other things; greater emphasis on rehabilitation of prison inmates, upgrade of prison infrastructure and improved security within the prison walls.

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Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix addressing the rally at the Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara

His announcement is in keeping with an announcement made by His Excellency President David Granger, during the Guyana Police Force’s Annual Officers’ Conference, that there is great need to accelerate the implementation of security sector reforms for the GPF.

The President had said that this will auger well in restoring public trust in the Force as well as correct any mismanagement of the country’s premier law enforcement agency.

In the meantime, speaking of the notorious and lethal Phantom or Death Squad which allegedly existed under the previous PPP government, and is said to be responsible for the deaths of over 200 people during the year 2002–2006, Minister Felix declared that there will be no more human rights violations.”

“There are no longer human rights abuses and if anybody risks it soon after they are disciplined, charged before the court… these are the issues which have informed our leader’s vision to reform the services.” Minister Felix stated.

Minister Felix said the reform is also for the protection of every Guyanese. Adding that there are special upgrades for the Guyana Fire Service, which will see its capability increasing.

“You can’t have a harbour with wharves and billions of dollars in merchandise and there is nothing to cater for a fire occurring close to the river and his (President Granger) initiative is that we should be able to fight the fire from land and water.” Minister Felix noted.

The Citizenship Minister said the government has already invested some $110 Million into improving the security service, specifically the fight against crime.

“Look out for a name change, the prison might soon be named The Guyana Correctional ServiceThis President has an eye on careful law enforcement, he has promoted and developed the Safe City Project. Safe City allows for cameras to be placed at strategic points and for the police to be aided in the fight against crime, they can solve crime by catching it on the camera. Scientific methods, we have recently procured DNA and gun residue equipment at the cost of a $110 Million.” Minister Felix announced.

As he rounded up his presentation in, Minister Felix urged Guyanese to choose the best leader and team to take Guyana forward.

“That team and that leader is David Granger, he is that person.” Minister Felix declared.

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The Coalition rally at the Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara