Several houses, roofs to be completed by April, under hinterland housing project

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, February 20, 2017

The Government of Guyana (GOG)/Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) Sustainable Housing project in the hinterland is back on track after experiencing procurement delays last year.

The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), in 2016, targeted the construction of 17 houses and the replacement of 15 roofs under the project. The communities that were set to benefit were Whitewater and Sebai in Region One, and Kwatamang, Katoka and Massara in Region Nine.

Due to a delay in the procurement of materials, the CH&PA did not proceed with the construction as planned in 2016.

The Senior Community Development Officer of the Ministry of Communities, Donna Bess-Bascom told the Government Information Agency

Senior Community Development Officer of the Ministry of Communities, Donna Bess-Bascom

(GINA) today, that the materials are being delivered to the respective sites for the completion of the houses and roofs.

“Materials have started to be delivered in these communities and actually in Region Nine, works have already commenced, so we expect that these houses will be completed early in the second quarter of 2017,” Bess-Bascom said.

The Senior Community Development Officer explained that all the other mechanisms are in place for the construction to proceed quickly and smoothly. She added that although the CH&PA did not start the construction of the houses and roofs as was planned, the agency made great progress with respect to shortlisting and mobilising beneficiaries for the housing interventions.

“All the potential beneficiaries have been interviewed, across these communities… All village councils are fully sensitised about the project…We have also employed from the communities, the necessary clerks of works to supervise the implementation of these programmes,” Bess-Bascom explained.

The construction of the 17 houses and the replacement of 15 roofs are rolled-over from the agency’s 2016 work programme and will be executed at a cost of $40 Million.

For 2017 itself, the CH&PA is targeting the construction of 79 houses and replacement of approximately 20 roofs in Region One. It will also construct 20 houses in Region Nine, Bess-Bascom said.

The CH&PA will be expending $216 Million on these 2017 interventions.

The hinterland sustainable housing programme commenced officially in July 2015. The programme encompasses a total of 12 communities and their satellites in Regions One and Nine.

The programme is focused on improving livability by addressing sustainable housing and, by putting in place the proper infrastructure such as water and sanitation. In addition to the house, the beneficiaries benefit from a rainwater harvesting system, and the construction of improved pit toilets.

As per the project design, the CH&PA is to provide two persons for the houses’ and roof construction and the beneficiaries are expected to provide three. Women are not excluded from being labourers.


By: Macalia Santos