Significant upgrade to infrastructure seen in 2021

Citizens throughout Guyana have benefited tremendously from improved infrastructure in 2021 that enhanced accessibility and created safer environments.

The construction of the $5B Eccles to Diamond interlink road on the East Bank of Demerara is one of many examples. The project which has already begun easing traffic congestion, also opened new lands for housing and commercial development.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali commissions $5B Eccles to Diamond interlink road on the East Bank of Demerara.

It is also a commitment fulfilled by President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali that will benefit thousands of Guyanese.

“We will have more than three, 400 acres of land developed specifically for industrial development… you will have hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of jobs created along the corridor of this road,” the President said.

The road forms part of a larger project that will create links to several parts of the coast, and will offer significant relief to thousands of commuters. This includes the road that will be constructed from Ogle on the East Coast to Eccles, and from Diamond to Timehri.

The Sheriff/Mandela Road project has been substantially completed

Government also managed to substantially complete the Sheriff/Mandela Road project. The road is slated to be completed by February 14, 2022. The thoroughfare has already been outfitted with lights but the installation of traffic signals and guardrails remains to be undertaken.

The upgraded Lethem Airport in Region Nine

Government has also made significant strides in the construction of the $38B road link from Linden to Mabura. The project is still in the procurement stage but it is anticipated that soon a contractor will be selected to build the 121 – kilometre stretch. The road will revolutionise travel between Region Ten and the hinterland, since the existing thoroughfare is difficult to traverse during the rainy seasons.

The Dr. Ali led administration also spent billions of dollars on rehabilitating miscellaneous and hinterland roads.

Modernised airports

The upgrade of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) is another front burner project, government will deliver to the people soon. Some of the works that remain to be done are the installation of curtain walls, the superstructure and the installation of two air bridges. All other works have been completed including the extension of the runway and installation of the Instrument Landing System.

Upgrade to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport is near competition and will be commissioned soon

However, despite the project not being fully completed, Minister Edghill said incoming passengers are expressing their satisfaction with the efforts being made by government.

Already, the country’s upward trajectory has led to Inter-Caribbean Airways landing its inaugural flight in Guyana at the CJIA.  “We want to see dozens of airlines operating out of Guyana. I did say to Inter-Caribbean at their launch, competition is good and we encourage competition, but we must also be partners,” Minister Edghill said.

While works were being undertaken on the coastland, the hinterland regions were not left out. The Lethem Airport in Region Nine has been upgraded through a $185 million investment. The new and extended runway would transform the aerodrome into a regional hub.

Establishing connections

The new Demerara River bridge is another transformational project that government is working to have delivered to Guyanese. In November 2021, Cabinet granted its ‘no objection’ for China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. to build the bridge.

One of the miscellaneous roads being commissioned

President Ali, stressing on the importance of the new bridge said “you have [the current] Demerara Harbour Bridge now, which is a floating bridge that affects the flow and the sea bed; that is a big part of siltation…and you have a new high span that does not have anything to do with the flow of water. It is actually an improvement.”

Despite plans to construct a new bridge, government has invested millions to maintain the existing structure.

The construction of the Corentyne River Bridge linking Guyana and Suriname will also soon be realised. The bridge is expected to be 1.17 kilometres from Guyana to the abutment on Long Island, 2.15 kilometres of road through Long Island and a 2.5 -kilometre bridge from Long Island to South Drain in Suriname. The bridge will be constructed using a ‘Design, build, finance, operate, and maintain’ model.

One of the miscellaneous roads being commissioned

Every region of Guyana has seen massive development since August 2020. The PPP/C Government will continue to work to ensure that citizens’ lives are enhanced and enriched with transformational development and a modern landscape.