Sixth ‘Epic Savannah Drive’ attracts 500 participants – Coordinator

The sixth ‘Epic Savannah Drive’ was a success with more than 500 participants this year benefitting from being the ultimate off-road experience in the Hilly Sand and Clay region of Guyana.

The activity saw more than 50 off-road vehicles participating in the event.

Trophies that were up for grabs at the event

From the wee hours of Sunday, July 2, off-roaders assembled their vehicles at Savannah Drive Headquarters in Yarrowkabra, to get registered and test their vehicles on the obstacle course there.

Dane Clementson, a regular participant of Savannah Drive, said,You know people who like off-roading, venture out in our own community. We are all Guyanese, and 95.5 per cent of us have never been into the savannahs. It’s not the first time for me but it gives people the opportunity to explore the little savannahs that we have just a few miles out of Georgetown, and I think it’s going to keep growing year after year.”

Bikers in Savannah Drive

It’s a nice outdoor sport you know because this is the sixth one,” said Edward Luke King, another participant. 

He noted that the group plans to register 12 land rovers for the next drive which will be held at a date still to be announced.

Biker takes on the obstacle course

“We came up with the land rover today, there are three land rovers. We just came to have fun and enjoy the off-roading,” he said.  

There was emergency medical support provided by New Vision Labs Inc, a sponsor of the event. They were also on hand to provide emergency medical services if the need arose. However, the day was without accidents.

In the mud pit

Meanwhile, Shane D’Andrade, owner of Savannah Drive Guyana and Coordinator of the Epic Savannah Drive dubbed the event a success.

“Everything went pretty well. It had a very good turnout. The weather was very fair to us. The savannah was just perfect with a little water, a little sand, a little mud, and everything was just perfect.,” he said.

On the trail

He expressed that the drive provides an opportunity for persons to explore the savannahs and also brings economic benefit to the communities that participants venture into during the drive.

D’ Andrade noted that because of the demand, participation had to be limited. However, there are several drives promoted throughout the year that provide the opportunity for persons to have the off-roading experience.

Participants in Epic Savannah Drive

He said Guyana has a lot to offer that makes it a great tourism destination.