Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 117th Anniversary of the 1899 Arbitral Award


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guyana, Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Monday October 3, 2016 was the 117th Anniversary of the 1899 Arbitral Award handed down in Paris. Venezuela has today marked the occasion with a vituperative statement unworthy of a law abiding member of the international community. Its statement is a reaffirmation of Venezuela’s disrespect for the rule of law among nations. It is a frenzied display of ill temper from forces with whom history has caught up revealing the tangled web of falsehoods on which their specious claims to Guyana’s Essequibo were built.

coverGuyana marks the occasion by the issue by its Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a booklet in English and Spanish — The New Conquistadors/Los Nuevos Conquistadores – which gives an account of the Tribunal’s Award and Venezuela’s sixty year recognition and respect for it. The booklet commemorates the Award of one of the most prestigious judicial tribunals ever assembled under its most eminent Russian chairman.

The Venezuelan statement of October 4, 2016 perpetuates the falsities that have marked its predatory campaign and have continued in relation to Guyana’s maritime space. Its greed for territory has added a new dimension of Guyana’s maritime resources.

The New Conquistadors offers to all the world the true account of these events and illustrates the urgency of the need to bring this egregious Venezuelan misconduct to an end as the international community grapples for the supremacy of law and order worldwide.

Guyana continues to uphold and respect the Arbitral Award of 1899. It will defend its validity in the world’s highest courts and expose Venezuela’s sordid efforts to besmirch Guyana’s development agenda. The New Conquistadors tells the story of these unworthy actions and the threats they continue to pose to Guyana, the Caribbean and beyond through their attack on the sanctity of treaties on which human civilization depends.



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