Success can be measured by the obstacles you overcome

—14 Juveniles complete barbering course

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fourteen youths who made the most of a golden opportunity are now equipped with barbering skills. The young men recently completed the “Protect your peace” programme. This initiative targets adolescent males between the ages of 13 to 17 that have come into conflict with the law.

The young men who participated in the two-month training course, received certificates and barbering tools.

One of the newly-skilled barbers said initially the training was challenging, but he eventually overcame this. He said a key takeaway was the discipline and respect for others the programme instilled in him.

Another said he appreciated the time the facilitators invested in nurturing him and the other trainees. With his newfound skill he welcomes the opportunity to provide a beneficial service to society.

All the trainees expressed the desire to learn more.

Co-founder of the initiative Yvonne Barrow said that the training builds the self-esteem of the participants and called upon persons to invest in the at-risk youths and provide more opportunities for juveniles to reduce recidivism.

Juvenile Corrections Teacher, Robert Bourne echoed similar sentiments, noting that, “if their future is safe and secure then the future of the country is safe and secured. If the future of our young people remains bleak, the future of the country remains bleak, it is as simple and as important as that,” he emphasised.

Director of the Department of Juvenile Justice, William Boston commended the young men for participating in the training and urged them to use it as a stepping stone to a brighter future. Boston said “success is not always measured by the obstacles but rather the obstacles you overcome in reaching to a height. You are on a path where you might have stumbled but life is not done; there is good for you and I want you to believe it and live it.”

Aside from the barbering course, the youths participated in weekly discussions on anger management, toxic masculinity, the male reproductive system and violence. In the next month, they will be working along with the Guyana Football Federation. A coach will provide training once a week to the participants.

Editor’s Note: Due to the age of the young men their identities have been concealed.