Ten Commandments of Oil – according to the Theatre Guild of Guyana

Re-membering the Brink : Oil and a Whole Lotta Gas moves to Linden this Sunday and Berbice June 22.

After 5 successful shows at the newly refurbished home in Kingston Georgetown, the Theatre Guild’s Workshop Ensemble will perform “Re-membering the Brink: Oil and a Whole Lotta Gas’ in Linden and Berbice.  The show will travel to Linden’s Lichas Hall, Sunday June 10 and then to Line Path Secondary at Skeldon on Saturday June 22. Both shows will be performed at 5pm and are free to the public.

Oil and a Whole Lotta Gas is comedic forum theatre piece which seeks to begin the process of popular engagement with the issues surrounding oil and gas in a non-political but very entertaining way.

The show revolves around 8 sharp skits, two monologues, two quickies and several scintillating dances by a cast and crew of about 40.

Big audience hits have so far been “ Tek Back We Cat-Fish” with a series of comic characters rifting off a script written by award winning writer Mosa Telford. “Wendell” played by Clinton Duncan comments coyly on several matters of importance to Guyana, including immigration, migration, foreign policy and economics and the aspiration of Guyanese to take their place of pride as leaders and as a global destination with a great future. Several other pieces gesture to the possible social problems Guyana may face soon but the Theatre Guild now steeped in theatre for education and action techniques never stop at just describing problems. All offer possibilities  and solutions.

Another huge hit  of the show has been the work of Frederick Minity who plays “The Preacher” in the hilarious “ Ten Commandments of The Oil” written by Clinton Duncan with inputs from the ensemble. This piece cleverly deals with all of the lesson’s to be learned for management, fiscal, governance and economic policies to do Guyana’s expected wealth. It makes the point however, that expectations must be managed and gives guidelines as to how.

Three great favorites of the children’s shows have been the very comedic spoof off  of Dora the Explorer – into “Mora de Explora” played by veteran prizewinning actress and director Simone Dowding as “Mora” , Osafa Dos Santos “ as “Diego” and Gregory Eastman as “Boots”.  While “Oil and Gas University” dealing with  key terms in the industry plays off a script developed by Sherwin Adams featuring  Shivina DeMendonca, Jennifer Langevine and Tristana Roberts. Vetran director and actor Godfrey Naughton’s quickie “Oily” written by Coleen Humprey who plays a well know Guyanese social media personality in “Boom Out from the Royal Wedding” are other favorites.

The research and development of the production as well as the facilitation of free shows for school children has been underwritten by CGX Energy in support of the arts and public education about the industry.  

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