The Agriculture Sector – Achievements for 2022

$38 Billion was allocated to advance Guyana’s agriculture sector in 2022. This represents an almost 100% increase from what was allocated in 2020 ($19.7 Billion) accounting for approximately 7% of the national budget.


During this year’s Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean, which was hosted in Ecuador from March 28th to April 1st, Guyana received the endorsement of the Member States to host the 38th Session of the FAO’s Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2024.

Agri-Investment Forum

From May 19th to 21st, 2022 Guyana hosted the Inaugural Regional Agri- Investment Forum and Expo. This event provided an opportunity for agri-businesses and organizations to participate and network with potential investors in business-to-business (B2B) engagements and to match bankable and shovel-ready business proposals with concrete investments in the regional agriculture sector and agri-food systems.

Regional Collaborations

Through collaboration with the Government of Barbados, work has commenced for the construction of the Guyana/Barbados Food Terminal which will address the many hurdles of transportation and logistics in the Region. Once established, the facility will also help the movement of products and reduce the cost of local produce, while also providing the opportunity to access new markets.


The Government of Guyana continues to demonstrate our commitment to the development of the agriculture sector through increased budgetary allocations.

In 2022:

•           Rice, livestock, and cash crop farmers across Guyana received more than $109 M in flood relief grants.

•           7,500 fisherfolk received grants totaling some $1,125,000,000

•           To cushion the impact of the rising cost of fertilizer for farmers and to limit the impact of rising food prices, $1 billion worth of fertilizer was purchased for free distribution to farmers.

Sub-sector Achievements


  • As of September 30, 2022, 1,479 persons were employed by GuySuCo at the vested/re-opening Estates (Rose Hall, Enmore, and Skeldon). This consists of 1,091 previously severed persons and 388 new persons hired for the period August 2020 to September 2022.
  • The mechanization of the factories is progressing:
  • At Blairmont Estate, the first phase of expansion of the packaging plant is in progress.


  • In 2022, rice exports amounted to approximately US$ 185,000,000
  • Guyana also Lebanon as a new export market, with more than 24 tonnes of packaged white rice being shipped to the country in 2022
  • Drying floors were constructed in Regions Two and Four

Drainage & Irrigation

  • In 2022, NDIA facilitated the rehabilitation of pump stations at Albion, Manarabisi, and Mibicuri. Further, rehabilitation of sluices was done at Union, Leguan, Cane Grove, etc.
  • Construction and rehabilitation of pump stations to the tune of $1.3 billion are progressing in Black Bush Polder, Adventure, Canal Number One, Versailles, Cottage, Greenwich Park, Andrews, and Cozier.
  • The dredging of the Pomeroon river mouth is ongoing following the procurement of two excavators and a pontoon.


  • 128 leases distributed to farmers
  • 5km of all-weather road was done from Onverwagt to Bel Air
  • Maintenance of 730 miles of channel monthly
  • Rehabilitation of seed facility plant
  • Added 2 new excavators and a tractor to its fleet

Corn and Soya beans

  • In 2022, 366 acres of corn and 495 acres of soya beans were sowed.
  • Approximately 40 KM of the road was completely constructed at Tacama.

Niche Vegetables

  • The Agriculture and Innovation Entrepreneurship Programme (AEIP) launched by HE President Ali, uses shadehouse technology for high-value crops and promotes youth in agriculture.
  • To date, 120 shade houses have been constructed as followed: CARDI/ITC – 1, BNTF – 2, UN Women – 10, SADP – 7, Farmers – 28 & NAREI Mon Repos 54 (AIEP), 4 cut roses, 2 for research.


  • There are 9 nurseries established around the country under the National Coconut Decentralization Programme.
  • The export volume of coconut and coconut products for Jan-Nov 2022 amounted to 7,375 metric tonnes.
  • 1,000 Brazilian Green Dwarf seed nuts acquired and another 1,000 are being procured


  • Ginger:

$20 million was approved to procure planting materials.

65 farmers commenced planting in mid-August.

  • Turmeric:

30 farmers cultivated 0.5 acres each which is equal to 15.0 acres expected to yield 14,000 lbs/ac (production estimate is 210,000 lbs)

  • Black pepper:

3,193 cuttings were produced where 1,500 were distributed to farmers in Region 1

  • Nutmeg:

Of the 850 nutmeg seedlings that were generated, 350 were distributed to farmers to aid in expanding cultivation.

  • Wheat Production:

Trials commenced in Regions 8 and 9.

  • Floriculture:

Under the cut flower project, 2,551 roses have been harvested to date.

Fisheries & Aquaculture

  • Brackish Water Shrimp:

In 2022, brackish water shrimp production from January to November 2022 increased by over 400%.

  • Cage Culture:

Eight cages were procured for cage fishing and have been stocked with Tambaqui fingerlings.

  • Prawns Project (Vannamei):

Land clearing has commenced at Onverwagt for the Prawns Project (Vannamei).


  • Mutton:

Barbados Black Belly Sheep Programme: to date, 472 sheep have since been imported. The flock has grown to 494 as a result of births.

  • Beef:

Genetic Improvement Programme: 64 bulls were imported from Texas.

  • Pork:

All preliminary civil works have been completed for the establishment of a modular pig slaughtering and processing facility at Garden of Eden.

  • Pasture Development:

The 50-acre dairy project, Berbice Abary Block of MMA, Region 5

Works were done within 5,000 acres block for livestock and dairy animals

Agro-Processing and Marketing

  • There are now ten (10) agro-processing facilities across the country:

St. Ignatius (Reg. 9)

Fort Wellington (Reg. 5)

Maruranau (Reg. 9)

Karandarnau (Reg. 9)

Watooka (Reg. 10)

White Water (Reg. 1)

Mabaruma (Reg. 1)

Hope (Reg. 4)

Parika (Reg. 3)

Central Packaging Facility, Sophia (Reg. 4)

  • Exports: Our main export markets in 2022 included the Dominican Republic, France, Antigua, Barbados, USA, Canada, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Developments in the Agriculture Sector


  • On August 8, 2022, the Industrial Hemp Bill was passed in the National Assembly paving the way for prospective growers, processors, and builders to maximize the significant opportunities that the hemp industry has to offer.
  • Also, with technical assistance from FAO work has commenced for the development of a Food and Security Bill. This will be the first Food and Security Bill in the CARICOM Region.

Agricultural financing

  • The Republic Bank Ltd. has pledged US$100M of financing for the regional agriculture sector and several projects have been identified for funding under this financing programme.
  • Last May, following consultations with the government, Demerara Bank’s Farmers Credit Line was launched.


  • Minister Mustapha visited and met with residents and farmers from several villages and communities across the country. Approximately 110 community meetings were held as part of the government’s stakeholder engagement agenda.
  • Manawarin (Reg. 1)
  • Waramuri (Reg. 1)
  • Santa Rosa (Reg. 1)
  • Sebai (Reg. 1)
  • Moruca (Reg. 1)
  • Canal Bank (Reg. 1)
  • Port Kaituma (Reg. 1)
  • Cotton Field (Reg. 2)
  • Anna Regina (Reg. 2)
  • Queenstown (Reg. 2)
  • Leguan (Reg. 2)
  • Wakenaam (Reg. 2)
  • Bonasika (Reg. 2)
  • Wakapow (Reg. 2)
  • Hackney (Reg. 2)
  • Marlborough (Reg. 2)
  • Charity (Reg. 2)
  • Hague (Reg. 3)
  • Windsor Forest (Reg. 3)
  • Den Amstel (Reg. 3)
  • Canal #1 (Reg. 3)
  • Zeelugt (Reg. 3)
  • Pigeon Island (Reg. 3)
  • Providence (Reg. 4)
  • Enmore (Reg. 4)
  • Mocha (Reg. 4)
  • North Ruimveldt (Reg. 4)
  • Meadow Bank (Reg. 4)
  • Better Hope (Reg. 4)
  • Annandale (Reg. 4)
  • Plaisance (Reg. 4)
  • South Ruimveldt (Reg. 4)
  • Melanie (Reg. 5)
  • Belladrum (Reg. 5)
  • Bush lot (Reg. 5)
  • # 5 Village (Reg. 5)
  • # 28 Village (Reg. 5)
  • Dundee (Reg. 5)
  • Victoria (Reg. 5)
  • Mahaicony River (Reg. 5)
  • Abary (Reg. 5)
  • Bath (Reg. 5)
  • Onverwagt (Reg. 5)
  • De Edward (Reg. 5)
  • Skeldon (Reg. 6)
  • #52 – #74 Village (Reg. 6)
  • Line Path (Reg. 6)
  • Tagore (Reg. 6)
  • Crabwood Creek (Reg. 6)
  • # 54 Village (Reg. 6)
  • Edinburgh (Reg. 6)
  • Manchester (Reg. 6)
  • Toopoo (Reg. 6)
  • Ankerville (Reg. 6)
  • Bound Yard (Reg.6)
  • Area ‘R’ (Reg. 6
  • Miss Phoebe (Reg. 6)
  • Rose Hall (Reg. 6)
  • Bloomfield (Reg. 6)
  • Highbury (Reg. 6)
  • Port Mourant (Reg. 6)
  • Uitvlugt (Reg. 6)
  • Black Bush Polder Reg. 6)
  • Tarlogie (Reg. 6)
  • Bartica (Reg. 7)
  • River’s View (Reg. 7)
  • Kato (Reg. 8)
  • Monkey Mountain (Reg. 8)
  • Hosororo (Reg. 9)
  • St. Ignatius (Reg. 9)
  • Shea (Reg. 9)
  • Karasabai (Reg. 9)
  • Moco Moco (Reg. 9)
  • Aishalton (Reg. 9)
  • Arnaputa (Reg. 9)
  • Lethem (Reg. 9)
  • Rupertee (Reg. 9)
  • Annai (Reg. 9)
  • West Watooka (Reg. 10)
  • Dallawalla (Reg. 10)
  • Ebini (Reg. 10)
  • Tacama (Reg. 10)

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