The Berbice holiday shopping experience

DPI, Guyana, December 22,2019

With Christmas just three days away several shopping areas in Region 6, East Berbice-Corentyne are packed to capacity as excited customers tried to take advantage of the special deals before the big day.

The Port Mourant Market is considered the largest Saturday market in the country where customers can pick up fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat in addition to clothing, groceries, haberdasheries and a wide array of delicious snacks and food.

Over the weekend the butcher stalls were lined with customers waiting to purchase their meat to make their traditional pepper pot, roast beef, baked chicken and garlic pork. While others sought to find the best outfit to wear for the Christmas Eve lime in Rose Hall Town or to attend church on Christmas Day.

Others were seen were stocking up on fresh seasonings, ginger, and groceries. As the customers shopped, they were entertained by the carolling of a local NGO who also shared holiday goodies and books.

Further up on the Corentyne, the Skeldon Market was also teeming with persons making their last-minute purchases to spruce up their homes as they prepare to usher in the season of goodwill. Parents were seen with their children as they looked through various stands for the perfect gift. Here Christmas decorations and household items were at the top of the list for these shoppers.

Speaking with DPI, many retailers said they are satisfied with sales so far and expressed optimism that as the days count down the pace of shopping will increase further.

Ounkar Mohan who operates a stall at the Skeldon Market offering a wide range of curtains and textiles, related that the past three weeks his stall has been very busy with customers seeking the best drapery for their homes.

In Rose Hall, shoppers were seen browsing the various stores looking for the best deals as they feasted their eyes on the new arrivals for the holidays. Many vendors also took advantage to set up stalls that lined the roadways offering an array of Christmas essentials including grapes, apples and cookies.

One of the proprietors of Imran and Daughters Store in the town, Sahid Hamid said he is offering amazing deals on all items in the store with on the spot discounts for every customer on top of the discounted prices for the holiday season. This he said is their way of giving back to the community and allowing more people to benefit.

Synthia Hunte the owner of Synthia’s Unique Style said she stocked up on clothing to suit everyone’s tastes and is looking to re-stock soon, as the items are flying off the shelves.