Thumbs up for Min. Trotman

— boat, engine, agriculture supplies delivered to Parikwaranau

— promise kept

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, November 24, 2019

The village of Parikwaranau had requested, during a community meeting, for a boat and engine to aid with village work. This request was made to the Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman and it has been fulfilled.

According to a Parikwaranau farmer, Joel John, the boat and engine were delivered to the village in September and have been put to great use.

John updated the minister during a community meeting in the South Rupununi village on Saturday morning.

“We are grateful for that boat and engine; we have been using it to do work for the village since it came; we are also doing monitoring along the river,” John stated.

Deputy Toshao and Senior Member of the village council, Olaf Rodrigues, shared his appreciation as well, stating that the boat is serving the community very well.

At Saturday’s organised community meeting, residents raised a number of other matters that needed addressing in Parikwaranau. Among the issues include housing for teachers who live outside the village, electricity and a fan for the nursery school, a resting area and bed for the primary school, a fence for the school and a proper kitchen to execute the school’s feeding programme, solar batteries and WIFI for the community.

Along with these infrastructural concerns, there were complaints of teacher and sweeper/ cleaners not being paid.

In response to the latter, Minister Trotman noted that government would have already made the finance available to the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) for them to effectively execute their duties.

He promised to have these matters investigated and to address the other concerns raised as well.

“We are very interested in you and what you need. The FCPF has been giving support to the National Toshao’s Council and to the North and South Rupununi Development Councils, and in what other areas we could give.” Minister Trotman assured.

On this visit, Minister Trotman delivered more farming supplies and sporting equipment to the community.

In the meantime, the minister urged residents to choose wisely in the upcoming Regional and General Elections.

“The president and his team have worked hard to give you the good life,” he noted.

Minister Trotman reminded the residents that every Guyanese has the right to have their views heard without prejudice, hence the reason government ministers are on the ground, listening to their concerns and crafting solutions for the benefit of communities.