Timehri roundabout nears completion

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― roundabout approximately 90% completed

― women have been integral to the design phase of projectDPI, Guyana, Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure is rapidly advancing the completion of the second of three roundabout projects to be executed by the government. Senior Engineer within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Sherod Parkinson provided the Department of Public Information (DPI) with an exclusive on-site interview on the status of the Timehri roundabout.

Parkinson added that the project is in its final stages, noting “we are roughly 90 per cent complete”. He said there is anticipation that the roundabout will be fully operational by April. With International Women’s Day approaching, the senior engineer credited women within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure that have contributed to the project’s success.

“In the design department at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, there are several women employed. They would have played an integral part in designing this roundabout,” Parkinson explained.

Citing some of the obstacles faced during the project, the Senior Engineer said though the project began in 2017, there were “major delays with the relocation of the GTT and GWI pipe-works”.

Regarding the overview of the project, Parkinson stated “the major works involved the construction of the roundabout itself. Unlike the Kitty location, this [Timehri] location is not so big.”

He further explained that the workers at the roundabout are currently installing light poles and providing works on the median. “They should be working on putting the soil in the centre of the roundabout and median to bring it close to completion”.

Commenting on the new exit road being constructed from the airport that leads to the roundabout, Parkinson added that “it will all be a seamless flow of traffic,” as the nearby project would not interrupt commuters using the roundabout.

In comparison to the road safety features of the Kitty roundabout, Parkinson noted: “signages are part of the project and the contractor will be installing those shortly”.

Furthermore, lauding works done by the ministry, Parkinson added that people travelling in the area can expect “a smoother flow, proper signage, proper lighting… generally easier access to and from the airport”.

The contract for the Timehri roundabout project was approved by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) on August 2, 2017, at a cost of $74M.

Georgetown’s first major roundabout at the junction of Vlissingen Road and Carifesta Avenue officially opened on June 4, 2018, and saw significant improvement in the flow of traffic. The roundabout allows for reduced delays, reduced travel times and fuel consumption, and is also geared at reducing the severity of collisions.

The third roundabout is to be constructed at Sheriff Street under the Sheriff-Mandela Avenue road project.

Shaquille Bourne.

Images: Ameer Sattaur.