Tour operators, hoteliers benefit from energy management training

Several persons within the hospitality industry are now better informed on energy consumption as they benefitted from a one-day Energy Management Practices training which was hosted by the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) in collaboration with the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA).

During the training which was held in GTA’s training room, the tour operators and hotel proprietors were taught how to calculate energy, how it is consumed, and how they can conserve it.

Navindra Persaud, one of the participants

One of the participants, and Chief Executive Officer of Jubilee Resort Inc., Navindra Narine said the training was educational as he learnt a few techniques to conserve energy.

“I love alternative energy because it helps the environment and Guyana is one of the most frontier countries left in the world…So, it is very important for us. I learnt a lot of stuff that you can actually use to reduce electricity costs in the environment,” Narine said.

With this added knowledge, Energy Engineer at GEA, Brian Constantine said proprietors will be better able to choose appliances while still providing customers with the best experiences.

“The objectives of the presentation are to raise awareness on energy use, cost, practices, energy conservation and also what potential exists in terms of savings when using technologies,” he noted.   

Chetnauth Persaud, Training and Tourism Development Officer, GTA

With the proper use of bulbs, air conditioning units and water heaters, the energy efficiency can be sustained.

Meanwhile, Training and Tourism Development Officer of GTA, Chetnauth Persaud stated that the programme will help organisations to think ahead.

“It was also done to help persons to start thinking in a sustainable manner. So, we wanted to bring this idea that we can actually do tourism and you know, do it in a more sustainable manner by using our natural products,” Persaud explained.