Towards a smooth transition

―MOE planning another Transition Camp

―will run for two weeks

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Following the success of the first transition camp, the Ministry of Education is planning to host a second camp this year.

The camp is a part of the one-year Transition Programme specially designed for students who did not gain placement at a secondary school after the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination.

Areas that the Camp and Transition Programme focus on include English, Mathematics, Spelling, Reading, Phonics, Social Studies, Physical Education and the Arts.

After completing the one-year transition programme, students transition into secondary school and can complete their secondary education in six years including the transition period as compared to the five-year average.

District Education Officer, Sherwyn Blackman told DPI the first camp ran for one week however the Ministry is aiming to have the camp run for a longer period and also to have more creative strategies to ensure that all students are learning more effectively.

“We are thinking about having the camp run for two weeks. When we meet as a committee, we’re going to be putting those plans together. You can rest assured that the camp will happen again this year,” he declared.

Blackman also observed that last year’s camp had a significant impact on the students.

“We’ve had students some of them who didn’t want to come to school, who are now going to school and they are working. Looking at the grades, indeed we are seeing improvement.”

“In addition to the academics, one of the things that was also evident is the behavioural changes.” He added

Transition teacher, Acklima Pearce noted that programme significantly improves the prospects of the students in school and that success stories do come out of transition students.

“I must say that there are success stories because, for last year’s CSEC, Queenstown Secondary’s best graduating student came from the transition class,” Pearce stated.