The Ministry of Public Telecommunications announces the 100 percent merger of the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) and the eGovernment Project Execution Unit.   The reconstituted entity, with immediate effect, will be referred to as the National Data Management Authority (NDMA).

The NDMA’s most critical objectives are to modernise Government and Public services to vastly improve their efficiencies, and ensure that all citizens of Guyana are included in this process, from Region 1 to Region 10.   Within this framework the NDMA has established an IT Technical Working Group (TWG) that comprises the Heads of all ICT Departments in Ministries and Agencies within the Public Sector.

The Chairman is Mr. Floyd Levi and the General Manager is Mr. Francis Simmons.  The Executive Committee comprises Dr. Marcia Thomas, Mr. Clement Henry and Mr. Lenandlar Singh.

The Ministry of Public Telecommunications recognised that government’s national development agenda can only be realised through an ICT-based ecosystem that (1) efficiently delivers government’s services; (2) ensures citizen engagement and participation; and (3) enhances the administration of government.  It is also intended to build and strengthen national competitiveness on the business front.

“The national ICT agenda would be best executed by this appropriately structured body with a legislative mandate,” NDMA Chairman, Floyd Levi said.   “This new organisation must be agile, innovative and very responsive to our citizens’ increasingly sophisticated demands for better ICT services, as well as the rapidly changing dynamics of ICT in the world.”

Previously, there existed two separate bodies, the eGovernment Project Execution Unit and the National Data Management Authority with identical mandates under Programme 332 of the Ministry of Public Telecommunications.  For greater expediency, Minister Catherine Hughes consequently decided to rationalise these mandates and proposed to Cabinet the merger of the two entities under the NDMA Act of 1983.  By Cabinet Decision, the eGovernment Project Execution Unit was brought under the aegis of the NDMA and its 1983 Act.

The Ministry of Public Telecommunications is responsible for internet governance, creation of digital skills and entrepreneurship, eGovernment, postal services and telecommunications. The Ministry also holds some responsibility for cyber security.

The National IT Leadership Technical Working Group (TWG)

The inaugural meeting was held on March 29th 2017 at which some twenty (20) GoG ministries and agencies were represented.  This body is mandated to draft policies, standards, guidelines and best practices to develop the architecture of the public service’s ICT platform.

Mr. Francis Simmons, GM, NDMA

Dr. Marcia Thomas