Weather Update

Generally sunny skies can be expected throughout Guyana with few cloudy spells and brief showers in some areas during the afternoon. Rainfall is expected between 0.0 mm to 10.0 mm (0 to 0.39 inch). Wind conditions are likely be mostly breezy to windy at times.

With regards to tide reports, Low Tide is expected at 13:09 hours with a height of 0.79 of a meter while High Tide is expected at 19:15 hours at aheight of 2.57 meters.

For Thursday and Friday, Mostly cloudy skies can be expected with a few brief showers over all Regions. Rainfall is expected to range between 0.0 mm and 15.0 mm (0 to 0.59 inch) within a 24hrs period.


By: Delicia Haynes