Works to transform Linden MacKenzie Sports Ground progressing smoothly

Infrastructural works set to transform the Linden MacKenzie Sports Ground into one of three modern sports facilities in Guyana are advancing smoothly, further adding to the nation’s remarkable transformation in the sports sector.

This ambitious project aims to elevate the ground into an all-sports facility in the country, catering to various sports, with a special focus on football and cricket.

MacKenzie Sports Ground, Linden

On Friday, International Standard Stadium Lights were installed with an estimated cost of $360 million to $370 million, marking a significant milestone in the renovation of the Linden MacKenzie Sports Ground.

This exercise adds to the phased manner in which the project is being undertaken. Thus far, the scope of work has seen the completion of the upgrade of the plain surface, installation of underground pipes, flood drainage catchment basin, and herringbone perforated pipes.

The next phase of work will involve the construction of stands and players’ pavilions.

These additions are crucial in enhancing the spectator experience and providing essential facilities for athletes. Contracts have already been advertised for tender and are currently in the evaluation stage.

Upon completion, the ground is expected to host practice matches and warm-up sessions during the International Cricket Council (ICC) hosted games in Guyana and the Caribbean further elevating its significance on the international stage.

Meanwhile, the government has shown unwavering support for sports development, earmarking approximately $250 million for the enhancement of sports grounds across the country.

This investment not only revitalizes sports infrastructure but also creates opportunities for youths to engage in meaningful activities and pursue their sporting passions.

To this end, the new stadium being built at MacKenzie would complement the $179 million synthetic track being laid at the Bayroc Community Centre ground in Wismar.

In addition to the MacKenzie Sports Ground, another significant project on the horizon is the $179 million synthetic track being laid at the Bayroc Community Centre ground in Wismar. Which will add to the only existing synthetic track in Guyana, located at Leonora on the West Coast of Demerara.

These initiatives are set to modernise the nation’s sports facilities and provide athletes with world-class training grounds.