Ministry of Business, Guyana, Friday, October 14, 2016

Guyana is pleased to join with the rest of the world in celebrating World Standards Day under the theme “Standards – the world’s common language”. This annual event, which is observed on October 14, is commemorated by three major international standards bodies, namely: International organization for standardization, International electrotechnical commission   and International telecommunication union.

With the significant advancements in technology and globalization, international trade, commerce, banking and finance, and other forms of global integration, the use of a common language that is understood worldwide is of paramount importance. Moreover, there is the ever increasing demand for implementation of new standards to create progressive changes in our lives and in the way we do business.

Standards for consumer goods as well as standards for sustainability, social responsibility and services provide customer satisfaction and contribute to our safety and well-being. The needs and expectations of the general public regarding safety and security, labeling, accessibility, fairness and sustainability not only in the economic sense, but also in the social and environmental dimensions, can be realized through the better utilization of standards.

In our drive to diversify and expand Guyana’s economy, we must not be oblivious to the pivotal role of standards in improving competitiveness by reducing technical trade barriers and facilitating economic integration.

International standards form the source of technology transfer for developing countries like Guyana as they allow our local manufacturers to build on what already obtains. This allows us to grow our economy and improve our competitiveness.

The Government of Guyana will continue to provide all necessary support, including technical assistance, finance and infrastructure that are needed by the private sector, especially the Small and Micro-Enterprises, so that goods produced in Guyana not only meet international standards but are also competitive internationally.

In closing, on this occasion of World Standards Day 2015, I would like to commend the Guyana National Bureau of Standards for its outstanding contributions to the field of standardisation. I believe that the work of the Bureau is both necessary and pivotal as it seeks through standardisation to effect critical changes that will positively impact Guyana’s economy.

Finally, I extend congratulations to all our businesses that have embarked on the road of quality and certification. I implore others not to underestimate the value of standards implementation in developing successful businesses.



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