$1.3B to be spent to upgrade Linden community road

The Ministry of Public Works plans to invest a substantial sum of $1.3 billion to transform the community infrastructural network of the mining town of Linden.

The mammoth undertaking, currently out for tender through the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board, encompasses a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for key thoroughfares in the town.

Upgraded infrastructural works in Linden, Region Ten

One of the key projects identified for infrastructural overhaul is Rodney Street, One Mile.

This crucial artery is set to undergo extensive upgrades to ensure its structural integrity to the tune of $54.6 million.  

Similarly, a series of crucial roads within the One Mile area are earmarked for rehabilitation to facilitate seamless travel and foster connectivity within Linden.

Among these are Bayroc Church Road; Buckville Last Street; Buckville Road Aron Street; and the continuation of the One Mile Extension project, with a combined investment of $265.6 million.

In the neighbouring community of Amelia’s Ward, a myriad of thoroughfares is set to undergo much-anticipated rehabilitation.

Major roads such as Taylor Street, Shanghai Street, Gospel Train Road, Fleming Street, and Princess Lane will benefit from comprehensive upgrades, totalling $258 million.

Additionally, extensive works are planned for various streets across Amelia’s Ward, including First Cross Street, Well Road, South Amelia’s Ward at the cost of $86.6 million, Milo Street, Central Amelia’s Ward to the tune of $75.9 million, and the road behind the Church, South Amelia’s Ward at the sum of $85.8 million.

Each project is pivotal in bolstering the town’s transportation infrastructure, advancing road quality and safety standards.

Significant rehabilitation works are slated for Blue Berry Hill, with the construction of roads in Tantalite Avenue, Multi-East Side Road, Multi-West Side Road, and Beckless Road, amounting to $185.6 million.

Further road works are scheduled for Success Avenue, Block 22, Canvas City Back Road, and other road networks in Block 22, with an investment of $151 million.

While, an allocation of $154.2 million is being expended for infrastructural upgrades in Wisroc, encompassing Church Road, Fourth Left Road Wisroc, New Land Street Wisroc, Silver City Cross Road, and Wallaba Street Christianburg.

These infrastructure upgrades promise to unlock new opportunities for economic growth, social development, and improved quality of life for thousands of individuals residing in Linden.