$100M Moleson Creek to El Dorado road to open access to Orealla quarries

– Minister Edghill
– preparatory works for Phase I underway

A new $100 million road planned from Moleson Creek to El Dorado, Corentyne, Berbice is expected to increase access to quarries in Orealla, Corentyne River.

Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, on Sunday led a team of engineers and regional officials on a tour of the proposed site for the road.

The Minister said while the first phase of the project would end at El Dorado, the long-term vision is to have a road extending to Orealla to allow easier access to natural resources.

“You will be able to exploit and adequately access a lot of the resources that are in Orealla for development, more particularly stone aggregate,” he said.

Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill speaks with residents during his visit to Region Six on Sunday

Minister Edghill said Guyana currently imports stone from Suriname, just opposite the riverine community. The roadway, he said, would reduce expenses for citizens.

“If we can get that [road] open and we can get access, we will be able to keep cost down and of course, it will also be supporting local businesses.”

Additionally, the Minister said the three concrete bridges along the Moleson Creek – El Dorado route that were built during the PPP/C’s 2011-2015 term could support heavy-duty traffic. The bridges would also accommodate the traffic that would traverse the Guyana to Suriname bridge, which will be built near the new road.

Minister Edghill said his Ministry will prioritise draining the water from the mud road, so the project could commence.

A section of the dam to be converted into a roadway from Moleson Creek to El Dorado

The Government is already working on completing the Orealla-Kwakwani road through an existing contract that will link Region Six and Region 10.

On Saturday, Minister Edghill inspected another major road alignment from Number 52 and Number 58 villages to Canje Creek.  That initiative is designed to make new lands available for agriculture, cattle rearing and other activities to stimulate development.

Both projects were announced in the 2021 Budget presentation.