15 new tourism products to be launched this year

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has set a target of 15 new tourism products to be launched this year.

GTA Director, Kamrul Baksh during an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Tuesday, said the entity is focused on working towards this goal.

“We are working on assessments in the first quarter to identify products that will be developed. Products from several regions are expected to be developed,” Baksh said.

GTA Director Kamrul Baksh

The GTA has identified Great Falls in Region Ten as a great potential location for weekend trips.

This is just one of many areas that the GTA will be exploring in 2023, as it opens up new areas in the country, making them accessible to Guyanese and tourists.

Over the last two and a half years, GTA has launched about 27 new tourism products and will continue to launch new experiences. Adventure tourism products are also included in this initiative.

Additionally, the GTA has initiated a project in Bartica to support more products coming out of the lower Essequibo Region.

This initiative is not only beneficial for the tourism industry, but also the communities. It provides an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services, which will create jobs, generate income and stimulate economic growth in the country.

Meanwhile, the Tourism Ministry aims to challenge tourism operators to bring new and innovative products to the market which will help to diversify the industry.

With the launch of new tourism products, visitors to Guyana will have the opportunity to explore the country’s diverse regions, cultures and communities, creating a more enriching and memorable travel experience.