15 Region Eight communities receive tractors to boost development

The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs distributed 15 tractors to various villages in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni).

Among villages benefitting were Bamboo Creek, Chiung Mouth, Itabac, Kanapang, Kato, Kurukubaru, Tuseneng and Yawong.

The exercise was conducted by Minister Pauline Sukhai, MP during a recent visit to the region.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, MP

Minister Sukhai said the tractors are among commitments made by the PPP/C during the campaign trail. She said the government does not discriminate against any region, and will bring development to every community across the country.

“We are bringing development support, making critical interventions to all those communities, every single community, we do not discriminate against any, and today I’m here for a special reason and that reason is to deliver on behalf of the PPP/Civic government…to realise and to deliver yet another commitment or promise to the nation,” she said.

Minister Sukhai also said persons across the sub-region are benefitting from the many developments and opportunities made available to them. 

Minister Sukhai with residents of Chiung Mouth.

She related that the tractors will boost development and enhance operations in areas such as agriculture, transportation and forestry.

“The tractor is not only meant to support agriculture, but when you get road building contracts too it is useful for fetching road material, it is useful to rent to contractors.

So, it is useful for many things, for transportation, for expanding agriculture, for forestry, for hire etc. it is a versatile heavy-duty machinery,” Minister Sukhai said.

One of the tractors that was distributed in region eight.

During her visit to the villages, Minister Sukhai also listened to complaints and concerns of villagers. She also urged them to get vaccinated against the deadly COVID-19.